Our School Staff

Please always feel free to come and ask us if you are unsure or worried about something, or indeed, if you have something to celebrate with us!

Our staff at both Rawcliffe and Rawcliffe Bridge Primary schools firmly believe that the key to successful education is positive relationships.

Our staff create a very welcoming and happy environment for you and your child - we promote fun and laughter at every opportunity. 

Our Executive Leadership Team

Mrs Wood- Executive Headteacher

Miss Knight - Executive Deputy Headteacher

Miss Mason- Executive School Business Manager

Class 1- Rawcliffe Bridge

Mrs Pashley- Class Teacher

Mrs Churchill- Nursery Nurse

Mrs Nurse- Teaching Assistant

Class 2- Rawcliffe Bridge

Mrs Dean- Class Teacher, Senior Teacher

Miss Frere- Teaching Assistant

Class 3- Rawcliffe Bridge

Mr Wilson- Class Teacher

Miss Durrant / Mrs Parkin - Teaching Assistant

Class 1- Rawcliffe

Miss Briggs- Class Teacher, Senior Teacher

Mrs Dodds- Teaching Assistant

Class 2- Rawcliffe

Mr Hunter- Class Teacher

Class 3- Rawcliffe

Mrs Sisodia - Class Teacher

Mrs Wilson - Teaching Assistant

Class 4- Rawcliffe

Miss Knight and Miss Jones- Class Teacher

Mrs Parkin - Teaching Assistant


Mrs Littlewood- Wright - ELSA Support (Both Schools)

Our Office Staff

Ms Gowthorpe - Office Assistant

Mrs Wolfenden- Office Assistant

Mrs Vaines- Office Assistant


Our Lunch Time Staff

Mrs Driscoll- Breen -Midday Supervisor - Rawcliffe Bridge

Mrs Snell- Catering Assistant - Rawcliffe Bridge

Ms Gowthorpe- Midday Supervisor- Rawcliffe Bridge 

Mr Howlett- Midday Supervisor- Rawcliffe 

Miss Mann- Midday Supervisor- Rawcliffe

Mrs Norton- Catering Assistant- Rawcliffe 

Mrs Vaines- Midday Supervisor- Rawcliffe

Mrs Powell- Midday Supervisor- Rawcliffe

Our Groundskeeping Staff

Mr Baxter- Rawcliffe Bridge 

Mr Saunders- Rawcliffe

Ms Clayton- Both Schools

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