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Young Leaders

Eco Warriors

Here at the Rawcliffe Federation, we believe that we need to care and look after our environment. We know that we can make a positive difference, and small actions that we take every day will have a positive impact.

We are Eco Warriors, and we have the responsibility for and take the lead in helping the children in our schools understand what they can do to help. This includes: taking action to save energy with small actions such as turning off lights and unplugging devices when not in use, and reusing and recycling everyday materials to help to protect the world's resources.

We want to work closely with our Gardening Club on projects such as introducing plants into our classrooms that help to keep our air cleaner.

We also want to help and make a positive impact on our wider local communities too – with initiatives such as litter picking and promoting awareness of pollution from car exhausts.

Annie, Grace, Frankie, Charlianne, Freddie and Ed 

Reading Champions


Science Ambassadors

Our Science Ambassadors engage, reimagine and promote science throughout our Federation. They are the children who recognise and share Science awards in Achievement Assemblies- celebrating our success in our learning. They plan to run outside science experiments during the year, letting the awe and wonder of science move from  being just inside our classrooms and reach into our dinner times.  We work closely with the Eco champions - to collaborate in our thinking about how we can look after and improve our schools ecosystems and habitats. 

Sports Play Leaders

We are extremely lucky at the Rawcliffe Federation of Schools to have a team of responsible Play Leaders to help with many active aspects of school life.

Being a Play Leader is just one way that the children in our schools show respect, teamwork and responsibility for themselves and each other.

They take their roles and responsibility very seriously - including sorting out our sporting equipment and playtime equipment, being in charge of showing the children how to appropriately use this equipment and tidying it away again, as well as setting up and leading small group games during break times.

Digital Leaders